Iron Sharpens Iron Conferences 2018
Albany (Loudonville) , NY - April 6th

Keynote Speakers

Doug McCary

Doug McCary is the founder of HisLight International Ministries and is a former U.S. Marine Harrier Pilot and F.B.I. Agent.  He is a survivor who has experienced God's protection and peace in the midst of many dangerous and challenging situations.  His desire to help others experience the practical reality of God in their lives led him in 1994 to leave the F.B.I.

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Greg Vaughn

Greg Vaughn is the president of Grace Products, a leader in the production and distribution of Christian films for thirty-two years. He is also an Emmy award-winning film producer and founder of Letters from Dad, which helps men leave a legacy of faith, hope, and love to their families through the lost art of letter writing.


Loudonville Community Church
374 Loudon Rd
Albany (Loudonville) , NY 12211


Iron Sharpens Iron
998 Farmington Avenue, Suite 101
West Hartford, CT 06107

Albany (Loudonville) , NY - April 6th


Biblical Manhood 101
This seminar is for PIONEERING Men (age 20-29)
Doug McCary, Founder • His Light International • Ponte Vedra, FL
Building A Sustainable Church Based Men's Ministry
This seminar is for Men's Ministry Leaders
Brian Martin, Northeast Director • Iron Sharpens Iron • Farmington, CT
Building Brotherhood With Other Men
Brian Doyle, National Director • Iron Sharpens Iron • Orlando, FL
Courageous Grandfathering: Leaving A Godly Legacy
This seminar is for SEASONED Men (age 55+)
Al Van Horne, Chairman Of The Board • Iron Sharpens Iron • Albany, NY
Cross Fit: Core Fitness For Men
Bobby Moss, Area Representative • Logos Bible Software • Chicago, IL
Get Off The Couch And Live A Healthy Life For Christ
Steve Reynolds, Pastor • Capital Baptist Church • Annandale, VA
Guarding The Gates Of Your Heart And Your Home
Rick Kardos, Founder • The Nathan Project • Bedford, NH
Letters From Dad - Leaving A Legacy Of Faith, Hope, & Love
Greg Vaughn, Director • Grace Products • Richardson, TX
Lifestyle Evangelism For The Sharing Impaired
Doug McCary, Founder • His Light International Ministries • Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Marriage Secrets - Creating the Outcome You Earn
Roy Smith, Founder • Knights of the 21st Century • Lebanon, PA
Pacesetters: Setting The Standard, Not Following The Trend
This seminar is for EMERGING Men (age 13-19)
Scott Rock, FCA Hockey Rep • FCA • Albany, NY
Pastoring Your Family Through The Storm
Doug McCary, Founder • HisLight International Ministries • Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Soul Care: Overcoming The Dark Side Of Leadership
This seminar is for PASTORS ONLY
Noel Sherry, New England Director • Bethel Seminary • Foxboro, MA
Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Man
Brian Doyle, National Director • Iron Sharpens Iron • Orlando, FL
When A Man Enters A Room
Roy Smith, Founder • Knights Of The 21st Century • Lebanon, PA
Your Life At Work - Tourist Or Ambassador
Steve Casbon, National Director • CBMC • Chattanooga, TN
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