Iron Sharpens Iron Conferences 2018
, - December 31st

Keynote Speakers

To be Determined




To be Determined

, - December 31st

This Conference has been Completed


Being a Strong Knight (Leader) in a Modern Day World
Keith Walker, Key Presenter • Knights of the 21st Century • Lebanon, PA
Biblically Responsible Investing
Buck Stephens, Speaker, Author, Area Director • Compass Financial Ministries • Syracuse, NY
Corn Flakes and Hammers
Dale Kinkade, Ohio Valley Regional Director • CSB Ministries • Leavittsburg, OH
Darwin vs Design: Is Intelligent Design an Intelligent Decision?
Joe Thompson, Author, Retired International Businessman • Noble Warriors • Chesterfield, VA
Evangelism in the Work Place
Dave Kunselman, Pastor • Retired Pastor • Springville, NY
Help! Technology is Taking Over my Family!
This seminar is for FULL THROTTLE Men (age 30-55)
Travis Zimmerman, Co-Founder • Speak My Word Ministries • Hershey, PA
How Do You Live a Life As a Man: Getting Back to Us!!
Cal Kern, Area Director • Fellowship of Chrisitan Athletes • Grand Island, NY
How to Stay Godly in a Godless World!!
This seminar is for PIONEERING Men (age 20-29)
Don Davis, Director of NFL Programs • Don Davis Ministries • Washington, D.C.
How to Transform Sinful Habits Into God-Pleasing Patterns
Steve Etner, Author, Speaker • Extreme Mind Makover • Osceola, IN
Pampers to Briefs to Boxers
This seminar is for EMERGING Men (age 13-19)
Morais Cassell, Regional Youth Director • Church of God of Prophecy • Albany, NY
Praying, Studying, and Memorizing - A Life Changing Discipline
Tommy McClam, Men's Ministry Leader • Edison Street Community Church • Buffalo, NY
This seminar is for SEASONED Men (age 55+)
Jon Ward, Pastor, Men's Ministry District Coordinator • North Park Wesleyan Church • Cuba, NY
Spiritual Authority: God’s Definition of Servant Leadership
Gregory Kayne, Media Arts Director • Bethel Christian Fellowship • Rochester, NY
The Ultimate Team... Investing in Marriage in the Consumer Age
Jeff Kemp, Vice President and HomeBuilder Catalyst • Family Life • Little Rock, AR
UNSTUCK: Stop Faking Faith and Start Living It
Michael Ross, Editorial Director • Back to the Bible • Lincoln, NE
You're Not Dead Yet!
This seminar is for SEASONED Men (age 55+)
Keith Walker Smith, Key Presenter • Knights of the 21st Century • Lebanon, PA
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