Iron Sharpens Iron Conferences 2017
Baltimore (Randallstown), MD - March 23rd

Keynote Speakers

Jeff Kemp

Jeff is a quarterback for the family. He is an Ivy League graduate who played 11 seasons as a Quarterback in the National Football League before investing two decades in strengthening families. He is a visionary speaker, teamwork trainer, and author of Facing the Blitz. Today he is more passionate than ever about strengthening marriages and families and bringing groups and teams together for exciting results.

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Tony Evans

Tony Evans serves as Senior Pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship and as the Founder of The Urban Alternative, which seeks to bring about spiritual renewal in urban America. Dr.Evans hosts a daily radio ministry, serves as Chaplain for the Dallas Mavericks and is a popular platform speaker with Promise Keepers.


New Antioch Baptist
5616 Old Court Road
Baltimore (Randallstown), MD 21244


Washington Area Coalition of Men’s Ministries
10309 Freeman Place
Kensington, MD 20895

Baltimore (Randallstown), MD - March 23rd

This Conference has been Completed


Code Blue: Transforming Your City by Engaging the Hearts of Dads
Brian Gullins, Director • VA Father Initiative • Richmond, VA
Discipleship as a Way of Life!
Bobby Little, Director • Christian Embassy • Washington, DC
Engaging in Evangelism
Kenneth Barney Sr, Senior Pastor • New Antioch Baptist Church • Randallstown, MD
Four Keys to God Honoring Physical Fitness
Steve Reynolds, SeniorPastor • Capital Baptist Church • Annandale, VA
From Hearts of Stone to Hearts of Flesh
Steve Mackiwitz, Director • Living Hope of Maine • Bangor, ME
Going Back in Time to Save the Future
John Wega, Director • US Christian Commission • Gettysburg, PA
Impacting the World as Salt and as Light
Mark Mitchell, Pastor • Covenant Life Church • Gaithersburg, MD
Leading Your Church to a New Day in Men's Discipleship
Chris Van Brocklin, Founder
The GOSPEL: at Work
Chuck Whitmore, Director • CBMC of Maryland • Hunt Valley, MD
The Hand Off - Passing on a Legacy of Leadership and Love
Jeff Kemp, Vice President • Family Life • Little Rock, Ak
The Word - The Sharpest Tool in the Shed
JB Hixon, Field Representative • Logos Bible Software • Bellingham, WA
Under the Influence
Kenneth Barney Jr, Pastoral Staff • New Antioch Baptist Church • Randallstown, MD
Velocity and Me - Creating a Winning Strategy for Life
Jason Ellerbrook, National Director • LifeWay Church Resources • Nashville, TN
When a Man Enters the Room
Roy Smith, President • Knights of the 21st Century • Lebanon, PA
Your Family Table
Tony Evans, Senior Pastor • Oak Cliff Bible Church • Dallas, TX
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